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Welcome to my website.  I became interested in my family history many years ago (before Roots!), when several relatives published a genealogy of my father's family, the Niewoehners.  Eventually that grew to include an interest in my mother's family, as well as my husband's family.  As I have learned more, these people have become friends, as well as family.  

This website is a work in progress. I have more information beyond what is published here, and will be adding to it.  If you have information to share, questions, or corrections, I would love to hear from you.  To protect the privacy of living people, the information begins with our grandparents.


To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die.
-Thomas Campbell

Niewoehner - Kilcher Ahnentafel

George Frederick Niewoehner  1884 - 1975

Laura Wilhelmina Margareta Kilcher  1886 - 1953

Major Surnames:  Niewoehner, Niemann, Berghegger/Bergheger, Pieper, Wilker, Korfhage, Laumann, Mehrpohl, Kilcher, Haus, Moldenhauer, Willmann

Meyer - Bodermann Ahnentafel
Henry Carl John Meyer  1897 - 1959
Marie Karolina Louise Boderman  1904 - 1956

Major Surnames:  Meyer, Vogt, Masberg/Mersbach, Wendt, Stahlhut, Paul, Weitenaur, Meier, Wademann/Watermanns, Boderman/Bodermann, Tonne, Schmidt, Homeier, Engelking, Grote, Meyer, Meier, Wendt,

Murphy - Myers  Ahnentafel

Michael Murphy  1852 - 1922
Mary Katherine Myers  1864 - 1944

Major Surnames:  Murphy, Scanlan, Myers, Schanbacher

Zeigler - Cox  Ahnentafel

Arthur J. Zeigler  1878 - 1930
Etta Teresa Cox  1882 - 1950

Major Surnames:  Zeigler, Cox, Kleiber, Phillips, Hoobler, McKernan, Daniels, Channel, Cramer, Stowder, Speck, Deenis, Patrick, Fitzpatrick, Reeves, Rodehafer, Showalter


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