Zeigler is a re-spelling of the German name Ziegler, which is an occupational name for a tiler.  It comes from the Middle High German ziegel 'roof tile"  (Old High German ziagal, from Latin tegula).  In the Middle Ages, the word was used to indicate bricks as well as tiles.  As a result, it may have referred to a brickmaker or bricklayer, as well as a tiler.  (Dictionary of American Family Names)


Arthur J. Zeigler and
Etta Teresa Cox

Arthur & Etta Zeigler


Frederick Zeigler and
Mary Elizabeth Kleiber

Fred & Mary Elizabeth Zeigler


William Zeigler and
Mary Phillips

William & Mary Zeigler Wm. Zeigler children
 William Zeigler and Mary Phillips on left.  Right photo is their children,
back, from left:  Jacob, Frederick, Rose, Noah;
front, from left: Priscilla, Barbara, Susan.


Frederick Zeigler and
Elizabeth Hoobler

Fred & Elizabeth Hoobler Zeigler


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